The technology platform to scale your website transactions fast and easy.

ONGR supports your online business models and increase your productivity in IT dramatically.

ONGR supports
eCommerce Systems
Travel Websites
Meta Search
...and much more!

ONGR is a free and open platform for scaling online business models, built by successful entrepeneurs for successful entrepreneurs. No matter if you run an Online Shop, a Meta Search Engine or a Travel Website - ONGR will help to scale your success by solving your speed issues and enable your engineers to iterate much faster than before!

Website Speed?
Website speed became mission critical:

Did you know, that the SEO ranking of your website is hugely speed-dependent since the Google Panda Update back in 2011?

Google instant search:

Having your search results ready while typing is an upcoming UX Standard, but not yet affordable for the average online shop or marketplace.

New UX Standards?
Customized search:

Building up and implementing an easy to use and fast semantic database efficiently is one of the hardest challenges in search.

Updating content:

Updating millions of articles and make the updates available in the search results is one of the most difficult tasks. Pain points are performance and outdated results.

High Scaling Costs?
High infrastructure costs:

Your TV-Ad-Traffic kills your server? Scalability costs a fortune and is inefficient as the demand is variable, but the costs are static.

Scaling your development team can be a challenge:

It’s not easy to increase your development team - why not try to attract new engineers by offering cutting edge technology like ONGR, instead of paying premium salaries?

ONGR is theSolution

Google-like instant search Speed

ONGR will help you to reduce your server response times below 100ms - no matter if you have 100.000, 1 Million or 50 Million articles in your webshop.

SEO Improvement

Speed is one of the core criterias for a successful SEO listing. ONGR does not only help with that, but also offers a lot of functionialtiy to support your exisiting SEO structure while making sure that you do not loose any critical ranking.

UX Improvement

ONGR provides you with autosuggest/instant Search as part of the “package” and ready to deploy Elastic Search Filter Functions.

Cost Reduction

Dramatically reduce your frontend server costs! ONGR clients need far less frontend servers to serve the same content with faster server response times.


Cloud ready architecture (AWS, RackSpace Cloud, etc). Scale ONGR to match your needs.

Live Update

Live update of your database content. No more delay between the update and the contents delivered to the clients. Products will appear in the search results right after you clicked the save button.

It is free

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Website Launch WITHOUT ongr:

  1. Loose time finding good engineers
  2. Struggle and discuss technical solutions & processes
  3. Go back to 1
  4. Start with the real implemention after 4 months
  5. Total implementation time: 12-18 months
time / costs without ONGR
12-18 months

Website Launch WITH ongr:

  1. Download and install ONGR
  2. Motivate your team to support ONGR (very easy)
  3. Start coding in hours
  4. Finish implementation after a few months
  5. Total implementation time: 3-6 months
time / costs with ONGR
3-6 months

Case Studies

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